Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Month of Sundays, Part Deux

Ah, it's once again Sunday. My beloved Sunday. Some people like Fridays and some even like Mondays, but I, my friends, like - nay love - Sundays.

It's just that they're the slowest of all the seven days we have in a week. And, I relish the quiet. It's not that ours is a particularly loud house normally, in fact, if it were, I doubt it would be quiet on Sundays - I've seen those houses, where it's never quiet... couldn't do it. But we're not a loud house simply because we don't like loud, it's unnerving. On Sundays however, it probably has more to do with things slowing down than with quiet, now that I think of it. Playdates and sleepovers are done, friends go home to be with their families, the bulk of the household chores and duties have been completed, and the world doesn't demand our presence or attention. Many times we just stay in our P.J.s and simply soak up the calm. I love it.

And it's a double whammy today! It's the first of March! I love turning my Thomas Kinkade calender (one of the three different calenders in our house) with each new month - that's because I don't look at all the months, only the one we're on so the next one is a surprise I can enjoy all month long - I'll post on what I do with old calenders at the end of each year in a bit.

So with today being Sunday, the First of March (or as the French would say, premier de mars), and the day we're going to tell our eldest not only which school we've chosen for her and that her best friend's parents have also decided to send their daughter there, but that we've bought her her very own laptop computer to commemorate this next level of learning and growth in her life.

It's only 7 AM but it's already brewing up to be a great day. Hey, and it's raining too. I'm in Nirvana...

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