Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bad Business

Let me start by saying that I am not a Capitalist. You're shocked, I know. But in all seriousness, I think Capitalism has done more damage than good. And among the long, long list of bad is, in my opinion, that it has given business owners, both large and small, a sense of undue power over the customer.

Case in point:

I recently ordered a product from a small, independent company. I was told that the product would take "about three weeks" to be completed and shipped. I hadn't heard anything from them for about two and a half weeks so I dropped a quick email to check in with them, yes in all truth to see that they hadn't run off with my money (I was a little sketchy from the start as their website hadn't been updated in copyright for nearly three years). So I just basically said hi, still here, could you give me an update on the product.

The reply email came shortly thereafter (they so far have been pretty good about communication). But it was so short and rude that I had to blog about it to get out my frustration.

They said,

"Hi. It was actually 16 days ago."

And then they proceeded to copy and past their last email to me which said that the product would take "about three weeks."

You know what I want to say to these bastards??

"Well the last time I checked, 16 days ago IS 'about two and a half weeks', jerk. Give me my product and FYI, I will NOT be returning for more business NOR will I recommend your company to others."

Rrrrrrrrr!! I am steaming right now! I can't believe the rudeness of these people. I know how many damn days it's been - I too counted them! And I wasn't accusing them of being late, only asking for an update. &$%&%$^* ##$%!!!!

They WON'T be getting any more business from me or a (positive) referral. I am not sure if I will send said email to them, though. In today's information age, one just never knows if something like that won't come back and bite them in the arse.

So. Why am I blaming this on Capitalism and not the people behind the counter? First off, Capitalism was created by the people behind the counter and it (the Capitalist philosophy) really all comes down to our incessant greed. But also because this is seen all the way up the scale of business. I don't need to layout details to you fine people about events in our recent past that showcase this finery, I know.

And yes, I know that Communism and Socialism ultimately don't work well, either. I know that the Marxist Utopia is impossible, and that, well, never mind. It's really just frustrating.

Hey. I wonder if even saying the words Communism and Socialism on a blog will get Big Brother watching me? Ha.

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