Monday, February 23, 2009

Selling Out To The Man

Today I want to tell you about some of my absolute favorite non-dairy (and one non-huevos) products. And let me further preface by saying that I am a sorry slave to my tastebuds. Even though I am passionate about animal rights (Commie!!), I still want to be able to do so without compromising flavor (I get the impression that animal-friendly food manufacturers are rather savvy to this point because nearly every time I go into the health food store, there's something new, trying to make a particular condiment or drink, etc. taste more like it's non-animal-friendly counterpart.) So, it's really a great time to start moving into a healthier, more compassionate diet, if you're so inclined. (Sermon over.)

Silk Soymilk French Vanilla Creamer. After some years of diligent searching, I just didn't bother trying to find a non-dairy creamer anymore because frankly, they all sucked. They were either greasy, lumpy powders or grainy, gross liquids. But then Silk Soymilk walked into my life, and she hasn't walked out since. Let me tell you, this creamer is, well, creamy, and delicious and there's no funky "soy aftertaste". I even love their regular milks for cooking, cereals, and just about anything one would need milk for (they also have some really great, new products that I can't wait to try). Hey, and it's really good for you, fair to the growers, and our environment (Pinko!!) Highly recommend!

Next on the menu is Rice Dream Carob. Now some people do not like carob, it's one of those things you either love or hate. I happen to love it, but for those of you that like chocolate instead (for the record, I do like chocolate too, I just happen to really like the different taste of carob), they have you covered. Rice Dream really is like a dream. Their products are yummy, again creamy, and just all around delish. Mostly I just get the chocolate-flavored drinks for the times when I'm craving something sweet to drink other than juice, but one could certainly use the regular rice milks for cereals, cooking, etc. They also have a temptingly decadent array of dessert items that are really good, like their Supreme Vanilla Gingersnap "ice cream". They also have Soy, Almond, Oat, and Hemp Dreams for those so inclined. (Whew!)

Last but certainly not least is Follow Your Heart's Grapeseed Vegenaise. Now again, non-dairy and egg-free mayonaises (like my new word?) that actually taste good have been so hard to find that I again thought I would just have to live without one. But a couple years back I read on a vegan blog I really liked (I'd link but they're no longer running the site) that the best mayo alternative was indeed the Grapseed Vegenaise. So I thought I'd give it a try. Lo and behold, it tastes pretty darn good! For this variety, I add it in my cooking recipes (potato salad, etc.) and sandwiches. Really good stuff.

So that ends today's demonstration on animal-friendly products, please join us again for our next episode on compassionate living called "7 Ways to Skin a Cat". (Waiting for PETA's call any minute now...)

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