Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Month of Sundays Would Suit Me Just Fine

I got my wish today. It's a quiet, rainy Sunday with nary a responsibility looming. Well, I do have some responsibilities, like the dishes and working on my two soc. papers. But other than that, it's sheer bliss.

As I type, I am eating some of last night's yummy leftovers and am watching the steady onslaught of rain quench the thirsty earth (we've all been waiting for the rain to come this season, because if we don't get enough, we'll have a water-rationing drought to endure this summer).

These are the days I live for, though too few and somehow seem to pass all too quickly, they're a time of restoration for my soul, really. In just a bit here, I'll make a piping hot cup of tea, I'm going to scrub my bathtub and draw a hot bath, adding some of this delightful stuff, lighting my oh-so-delightful beeswax candles, and will be enjoying my soak at long last.

Happy Sunday to you all. Do something nice... just for you.


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