Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Children Are Our Future

I am really happy. Not only was President Obama's speech tonight marvelous and moving, but we also went to a really great info night at what we hope will be our eldest daughter's Charter School. We love the idea of a smaller school where the staff and students know each other well, the students also have a lot of say in this particular school about what their electives can be as well as their student leadership is all volunteer, no voting for the most popular kids and the rest feeling less-than. They also have a really great volunteer program for the students including volunteering at the local animal shelter, she's gonna LOVE that one! There's an animal rights club, a pool table, a science camps, cool field trips, dances, carnivals, and just some really awesome stuff. They also do pre- and algebra - this is so very important!! I know! They adhere to state standards and use state approved texts, each student has a laptop (and we've just bought her one of her own). We couldn't be happier. Plus, she can still walk to school as it's so close. I think this is going to make all the difference in the world in regards to her self esteem, academic performance (and future academic performance), and even her social life - she'll be around kids who have involved, caring parents like us. There's also required parent volunteer time, this we really like. At the elementary they're both at now, we've gone in once a week (sometimes more) for every year they've each been there (since kindergarten) and many times we just end up doing the grading work the teacher would rather not do when s/he goes home. At this school you can volunteer your real talents (I want to teach a creative writing class and Hubby wants to organize a science project).

This should be great. We're so excited!

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