Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy... PI Day?

Yes folks, today, 3.14.09, is National Pi Day. A day for math and science nerds (and hey, academics of all kinds, really) to unite and celebrate our FREEDOM!!! Wait, not really. But that sure sounded cool, huh?!

As a former and recovered math-phobic, I can now appreciate this day as it should be, because the correct use of this non-repeating and un-ending number helped me finally, FINALLY get past the math classes that scared me so badly and were holding me back from completing my degree. Hooray! Even though I would be happy if I never had to solve a differential equation or utilize the quadratic formula again, I am so very grateful to all the mathematicians and scientists 'out there' from the past, in the present, and to be in the future that make my life better in countless ways because of their hard work and intellect.


Now go eat some pie!

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