Thursday, May 28, 2009

Random Thursday

I, like many parents, dread this time of the year for one reason: the kids get out of school. *Dun dun dun!!!* As one blogger put it, it is like staring into the jaws of hell. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. It's hard enough keeping them on track and entertained when they go somewhere for 8 hours a day, five days a week. But 24 hours a day, seven days a week? Hell. Pure hell. I mean, look. There are going to be good things and moments and events to look forward to, etc. They especially are looking forward to the break and I can't blame them. All they can think about is the fun they'll be having and NO SCHOOL!! But the parent, the poor poor parent, is the one that really has to deal with the whining and boredom and such. Every day is a fight to keep the debacle at bay and keep sanity in the home. Can't they have some aunt to go visit for a month or something? That would be great. In fact, they had the chance to go to England for the month of July but that didn't pan out - for good reason - so it's all us, baby. *Sigh* I've been stocking up on arts and crafts and have designed a schedule for them to follow because I cannot. live. in. chaos. Period. Can't do it. It's hard enough for me to keep things cheery so when there is a schedule to follow, one, it eats up time, and two, gives structure to an otherwise unstructured day. That makes me happy inside and not want to pull my hair out an banish everyone to their rooms - including myself. So, like all the other summers I've endured, I will make it work and there will be good memories to look back upon. I wish that I had the summer off -- in fact I was planning on being able to do so, but alas I still have to complete my statistics class -- BOO. That will be a 6-week class, four days a week, 3 hours a day, not including homework time. But as with all other dastardly math classes I've had to complete, I just devote myself to the math lab and complete homework there so that when I come home I don't have to stress about the class and can just enjoy the time off. Because of the schedule there won't be much going away from the home, but then again our car can't really fit everything anyway - that's why we're looking into buying a minivan or an SUV because we NEEEEEEED to get away. You know, I was thinking the other day about the concept of vacations - because we study things like how much vacation time a country allows its citizens and the like - and I realized that I have never, ever been on a vacation. I've gone places and done things, but maybe my idea of a vacation is different that that of the average American's. When I fantasize about going on vacation, I think of a place where there are no phones, no TVs, no computers (I'll get over it quickly, I'm sure), no kids (sorry girls), and no bloody demands. Just me and the man, relaxing, laying about, eating good food, repeat. So. This is a goal of mine. I doubt I'll be able to accomplish this goal any time soon, but it is a good and worthy goal nonetheless.

Phew. Thanks for listening.


Roxanne said...

Hi! This is my first visit! Your very funny! I liked the defenition of bohemian. I'd never read it before. I'm #2 to a T! Thanks, for including me on your blog roll. I'm flattered!

Your last post got me to thinking a little! I loved being a kid! We spent so much time outdoors making up our own fun. Can't you just buy them some little shovels and let them dig a hole in your back yard? Call me crazy but we loved stuff like that! Planting seeds,playing in the water sprinkler, water balloon fights, homemade popsicles...simple stuff like that. I know it is harder when your the parent, instead of the child. (I have 3, each 2 yrs. apart, now in their 20's.) It can be harder than hard! But I can honestly say, now looking back, that investing my all in them was a wise and worthwile investment! The dividends have tripled into 3 amazing adults. They are my greatest accomplishment! My greatest works of Art! And what I'm about to say can only be understood from the perch of an empty nest(when the dust has settled, the clutter is cleared and quiet has setteled in), I'd love to have the opportunity that lies before you this summer. To be important in the lives of your children. To play with, to inspire them, to ignite their imaginations. In essence give them a summer they will never forget!

I am happy for you! You are blessed! I'll be back to enjoy your summertime adventures! Forgive me if I said to much...I'm a passionate bohemian.

Big hug!

Sundance Kid said...

Wow, what a wonderful comment, thank you! First off, I think you have fabulous style and I just love your blog, thank you for letting me link to you.

And yes, most of this post was tongue-in-cheek. I do love summers and things will be fun. I too had summers of digging in dirt and being rugged. I want that for my girls and try to give it to them as much as we can. We live in an apartment so the digging isn't much of a possibility, but we have a pool, we have sleepovers and playdates and really do have a lot of fun. I just have a voice of flat sarcasm on my blog so I can see how it seems a bit harsh.

Thanks for visiting and I too look forward to your posts! I love meeting fellow bohemians!

Roxanne said...

So good to hear back! I promise I had no intention of being hurtful or tacky. My youngest daughter is sarcastic so I immediately see your humor. Again please do forgive me for saying too much! I'm so happy to meet you and I'll visit you often.

Blue skies!

Sundance Kid said...

Please do not worry about being hurtful. I recognize when someone is just speaking their mind vs being spiteful. So thank you again for coming over!


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