Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I am just green with envy. Green, I tell you!


So here's the deal. Years and years ago, when I was a child, specifically, I lived with family G* (not the real first letter of their last name). I was to the the eldest child in the G family, as their two eldest children were too old to live at home any more and had long since gone. So that made me the oldest of their three younger children: a twelve-year-old boy, a ten-year-old girl, and an eight-year-old boy. I was fourteen.

So I lived with the G family at this time and I was for all intents and purposes part of the clan. I didn't stay long, as they were raving Fundamentalist Christians and I just couldn't take any more of them burning my t-shirts and books if they didn't agree with the "messages" therein.

Fast forward to today, nearly 12 years later, and that twelve-year-old boy is all growed up. And is a famous photographer in L.A.. And is really hot. Albeit conceited and wild, but really hot.

There was a time when it was thought that we would marry. ... He's rich, fun, HOT, famous, and I am so fucking jealous of him right now! My life is so not rich, fun, hot, or famous!

Call the waaambulance, I know. Well, you'd be jealous if you were me, too. I guess I'll link to a picture of him. Well, maybe I shouldn't just in case someone gets the bright idea to contact him and tell him that I am some seething little jealous woman peeking at his blogs to see what new adventure he's up to.

I totally wouldn't fit into his life or lifestyle at all today. I'm not his type and he's not mine. But it sure is fun to wonder about the what-ifs. Oh who am I kidding? It isn't fun at all! It bloody stinks! :(

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