Sunday, April 5, 2009


I thought I'd give a more detailed account of ME since blogs are really just a bunch of snippets. Which is fine, and one very well can get a clear sense of who a person is (or who they wish to portray themselves as) through blogs, but, well, I guess I don't have a grandiose excuse. I just felt like posting this. Take it or leave it. There are lots of other blogs out there if this one isn't for you. My only rule with myself for blogging (and in life in general) is to be honest with myself. And so I am. :D

This is a snippet of me, what I like, etc.

Human rights and true democracy, Democrat of the Socialist sort, animal rights and animal LIBERATION, speaking and learning French, sociology (my passion, the very essence of my being), Hobbits, indulgence not compulsion, my homemade rice milk (yummm), Bikram yoga (aka Fire Yoga), Antique and Rockabilly fashions, Raqs Sharqi (aka Belly Dance), salty-ass pirates (not to be confused with salty ass-pirates), writing, crusty European breads, a hot bath, the rain, individualism, Black Moors, trees, quiet, linguistics, plants, creativity, good and true friends, philology, loyal and loving family, a piping hot cup o' British tea, psychology, highbrow humor, not turning the other cheek, everything East Indian, history, a rich cup of coffee once in awhile (only our local Tailormade Goat Rock blend ~ brewed in a French Press, of course), FREEDOM, classical languages, separation of Church and State, not subscribing to social norms out of fear or in desire of being "accepted", etymology, local microbrews and microbreweries, grammar, European-style pubs and taverns, garlic fries with an amber ale, a cap of Port now and then, cooking and enjoying good grub, reading (always on the hunt for a good book), blogging, fresh fruit and veggies, the month of August ;), autumn (my favorite season!), our neighborhood block parties and BBQs, NATURE, brewing my own beer, and anything or anyone that piques my interest.
Oh yeah. And if my ideals frighten or threaten you, then your ideals probably would do the same to me.

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