Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rose Lassi

Right now I am drinking my very first rose lassi. A traditional Indian drink used to aide digestion or is just simply enjoyed after meals. I may not have made it the best or right way, as I imagine it should taste a little better than it does. I added real rose petals so maybe next time I won't. Or maybe I won't add the rose water and see how that tastes. As I've been drinking it, I thought that a mint lassi would be good. We didn't grow mint this year because it pretty much takes over our garden so I'd have to get a bunch at the store, but it may be worth it.

Here's a recipe, for those so inclined:


About a cup of plain (unsweetened) yogurt {or indeed use sweetened and just don't add sweetener afterward}

rose water (can be found in Asian markets, but be careful which you get, mine seems fake...)

rose blossoms (optional)

A few teaspoons of honey (until it's sweet enough for you)

Whizzz it up in the blender (until it's frothy and smooth)

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