Tuesday, October 20, 2009

On Being a Good Blogger

Well, for starters, I am probably not one. I see a good blogger as someone who has lots of lovely pictures and tutorials and personal anecdotes to share with her readers. While this is what I want and aspire to be, right now I am not. Partly this is because I have yet to find my "voice", hence the name "Un Peu De Tout", French for "a little bit of everything" - because that's what I like, a little bit of everything. And while that can be endearing to some, myself included, it also doesn't create much of a readership of people who want to see what you come up with next. Several blogs on my sidebar have distinct voices and you kind of know what to expect from them. Mommyhood, crafting and/or sewing, cooking, religious stuff. I have a very eclectic set of things that I like, much of which does not fit well together. And while that is all well and good, I seem to have a strong resisitance to blogging about just one or two main topics as I am not totally into any one thing. I am a new makeup artist and maybe I'll find inspiration there, which I would love. I really enjoy Makeup Geek and perhaps I'll find my stride like she has. I love sewing and crafting, but for goodness' sake, I don't even have a sewing machine yet so there's no way that little old me can do any tutorials on making a darn thing. Homelife right now isn't something worth blogging about so that's out too. Maybe I have some readers out there despite the lack of a unifying thread tying some things together. I also am really apprehensive about expressing my political views and that's why I've kept my blog private for so long. I am pretty "lefty" at this point in my life and I know that strong opinions on either side of things are alienating. Yet, it is something that I would kind of feel incomplete without in my life, I really enjoy politics and news. Luckily I get to talk to my husband about all that so maybe I should just stick to talking about it with someone who understands my thinking and luckily agrees with most of my views.

Sigh. Well, I figure I'll keep plugging along and see what comes of it all. As I begin this new stage and career maybe something will arise I had not even expected. That would ne cool!

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