Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Movie Review: Hippie Masala

I just finished watching Hippie Masala, a documentary film about 5 or so hippies that moved to India in the 60s and 70s in search of greater spiritual meaning. It was interesting and even enlightening. It has taken the mysitque out of life in India for me. While the terrain is absolutely stunning, I see what one man says in the film about it being beautiful to a visitor but to those who live there it is what it is. It seems that a woman's life in India is very difficult, too. Men feel that they can expect the women to do all the work, or at least most. One woman who married one of the Eurpoeans said that it was her dream to live out her life single, obviously so she could be in peace.

Also, I have heard that animals, especially cows are very revered in India, but I can't say I saw a life better than those in farms here. I guess I have a strange vision as to how animals should live. I bet if I had a farm people would laugh at me because my animals would have comfortable places to sleep, good food, clean environments, plenty of space, and lots of love - sans any fear of harm or death.

All in all though, an interesting film. I like learning about India and it's culture. I found it not too surprising that one man said that you could live there for 50 years and never be fully accepted. I wasn't too surprised because the same is true here. You will always be viewed as a foreigner, and will never be seen as only a member of that society.

Verdict: I am happy here in the States. I love my freedoms, I love belonging at least somewhere. I am an American, and that does mean something.

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