Monday, July 13, 2009

Two (DoughDough) Birds With One Stone

Image via the Kitchen DoughDough site

The ever-lovely Kitchen DoughDough has a dream. A big and lovely and worthy dream - and I want to help!! Not to mention, by my mentioning KDD's dream, I could also be the lucky, lucky recipient of her fabulous giveaway!

I've already written to Ellen (yes, THE Ellen!) to tell her about KDD's dream and about how much I too believe in flowing one's dreams. If you want to help give someone the chance to realize a dream, you too can write to Ellen, or even participate in the other ways KDD has outlined. I nominated the Mother's Day Cupcakes because I love to sew, but I was really torn between these and these - both flodded me with childhood memories! :)

Good luck, Kitchen DoughDough!! I hope your dream comes true!!!

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