Thursday, July 16, 2009

Random-ness, Like Such As

Hiya there, pals. Long time no talkie! Well, life's been... busy, shall we say. Got lots cookin' right now and I'm enjoying reading other blogs so much lately that I don't have all that much motivation to blog myself. So, in true blogging fashion, I'll just throw some random stuff your way. 'Cause I love ya. ;)

I really love summer. The warmth, the beauty, the... summery-ness of it all. PLUS, and this is big for me, it marks my official countdown time until autumn. Fall is indeed my favorite season and I almost miss summers in anticipation. So this year I've been making the conscious effort to slow down and enjoy the heat before it turns on me. Our garden is absolutely delightsome;I sit just to admire it sometimes. I will do a photo essay on it soon. Our Four-o'clock flowers just started blooming today and this is the biggest the bush has ever gotten since we've had it. It's just beautiful and the flowers smell absolutely amazing!

I am taking my eldest daughter to see a live performance of Shakespeare this weekend; it will be her very first exposure to any Shakespeare and in fact, I had planned it that way so that her very first time would be to see it live. I actually have a method that I am implementing: no movies whatsoever, only live performances and then she can watch the pop culture movies if she wants to. But I really don't want her mind spoiled with mediocre renditions of such important material. So we should have fun. Picnic (with our genuine picnic basket - complete with a red and white checkered cloth), blankies (as it is out-of-doors - as all Shakespeare should be, really), etc. Should be a real blast.

Am going to start the first clothing sewing project I've done in literally years. I've done lots of fiddly bits throughout time, but haven't done clothing So I am thinking I'll start simply with a skirt. I'll be picking out the fabric next month. And indeed, I'll provide pictures.

Well, that's about all I've got. I can't and won't go into the more personal details, but then again, that's not really my style anyway. G'night, y'all. Be back with more soon.

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