Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Math Makes Me a Cynical Little Git

Bloody hell. My brain is positively fried. Toooooo muuuuuuuch maaaaaaath...

BUT - the good thing is that as of 7 am this morning, I had no bloody clue what we had just learned the day before (hang with me here, not to the good part yet), but by about 10 am, I was beginning to understand and needed less and less help as the morning went on. This is good.

Test Monday. Feels doable.

Passing is the only goal. Must pass. Doubtful I won't. Short sentences. Are helpful. When brain. Is fried. Even if. And when. They aren't. Proper sentences.

Anyway, must go eat piiiiiiiiiiizza. When in need of a counter to mathematics, I highly recommend a slice of the greasy stuff (with a cold beer, of course. Duh!).

Alles wohl.

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