Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Cats: A Photo Essay

Here we have "The Beeps", "Beep-Beep", "Boops", and, my personal one, "My Piiiddy (pretty) Girl" (pictured here lounging on our fluffy comforter). Boops is our little autistic child. We've had her for years but if you walk near her or bend down to pet her, she'll cower and run away like you've just lit a torch near her face and are screaming in her ear (not all the time of course, but most). Poor Boops. She doesn't know what's going on. As the second child, she pays proper respects to "The Cuddler" (as pictured last), but as for The Babies, well, let's just say that even without any external stimuli from anywhere really, the violent side in Beeps comes out and they get a good what-for. Luckily, though, they just sit there staring at her, wondering what the hell just happened.

This is "Kinky Tail" (notice the end of his tail in the second pic), seen here helping me with the laundry; he is our dog born in a cat's body (although I'm sure he wouldn't complain about his current life as a cat in this cat-loving family... "spoiled" and "adored" don't even begin to cover it) As you can clearly see, he is very chill and in fact works daily at achieving Nirvana by not tying himself down with any serious commitments or earthly attachments (although I'd like to think he has a bit of an attachment to me :) ). Right now I am in the middle of teaching him to fetch. Since he's always asking me to play with him (yes my cats talk to me... your point is?), I figured that I may as well start teaching him to retrieve his toy to save me some bending over. So far so good. When he's in the right mood (i.e., particularly playful), he will bring me the toy after his command, drop it (fairly) near to me, and ask for me to throw it again (which goes a little something like, "maawowow" - if you know what I mean).

Here we have The Beautiful One (shhh! Don't tell the others!) with the long, expressive tail (although the above picture doesn't do it justice - the end is curled back in the second pic). He generally goes by "Noo-doos", some variation thereof, or sometimes even "Straight Tail" - which of course is his Indian name (he's very spiritual). This baby greets me each morning at my chair with a "hello" (which really sounds more like a question, like, "hello...?") and a touch on my arm when he stands on his hind legs and reaches out to "hug" me. Yes, I am a lucky mamma!

Meet Cuddlina. Cuddlina (a derivative of "Cuddler", "the Cud", "Cuddlini-Bean", or just "The Bean") is the oldest member of our (cat) family, and is a true pacifist at heart. However, and this amuses us greatly, when neighborhood cats fight outside, she quickly runs out to get a good gander at the action. Little Lookie Loo, we should call her. But, she lets me hold her like a baby (*grin*), loves to take a nap with whoever is having one at the time, and has been very cool about the additions we've made to the family over the years. We love her.

Next time: a photo essay of my garden.

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