Thursday, November 26, 2009

Giving Thanks

Here's a little something I wrote last year about the Holiday Season, and well, I still feel this way so I thought I'd share it again. :)

Happy Thanksgiving to all - friend, foe, those I know, and those whom I do not. May we all have somewhere to be and have someone to love.

Love to all


This is the time of year when my very soul is enlivened by the delicious scents of cinnamon and pumpkin spice, when apple cobblers and pumpkin pies are baked in our homes, when cozy boots, sweaters, and scarves clothe us all, when Halloween, Thanksgiving (my most beloved holiday) and Christmas impend their promised magic, when luscious wreathes adorn inviting doors, pumpkins are carved and their seeds baked, and Christmas music fills the air. The weather cools promising snow angels and icicles for many, when geese leave for winter, when children giggle as they whisper their greatest of wishes to Jolly St. Nic, when homes are warmed by blazing fires, when candlelight flickers and glows in windowsills, when families walk under the night sky to enjoy the neighborhood's lights, when friends stop in to enjoy a glass of mulled wine or spiced cider, when family visits from afar, and when stockings are hung by the chimney with care. When New York City is jiving with rosy-cheeked ice skaters, when Salt Lake City bustles with excited reverence while it's lighted Temple is a beacon in the nights, when choirs raise their voices in joy and praise, when parents become suddenly secretive so as to hide their family's gifts, when life ~ even if just for a while ~ is cheerful and sweet. When we lay aside our cares and worries, when we create with gladness in our hearts the very magic the season is intended for, when we come home and warm the chill from our fingertips, when we watch a little longer the the giddy playing of bundled children outside, when we sip our cocoa and slowly savor the marshmallows just that much more, when pieces of candy canes stick to content children's smiling cheeks, and when we relax in our warmed homes while our children play in the golden and rusty leaves outside. When Halloween begs us to give a trick or a treat, when Thanksgiving reminds us what is really important, when Christmas brings it's resounding joy. When we bring glad tidings to those less fortunate than ourselves.

Oh how I wish this were so year 'round, oh how I wish.
Until such a time, I will hold tightly to my season, to the cheer in which my soul so delights!

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