Friday, November 20, 2009

Being Thankful

This post is a bit early this year, but, once again, Stephanie Nielson has inspired me this morning with this post.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday, my favorite, favorite, favorite. The main reason for this is because there is absolutely no greed involved at any time during the celebration. It is all about the opposite of greed - being thankful. Oh how I love that!

So if I may, I would love to list that which I am so very grateful for - from the important to the not-so-important:

* My husband, through thick and thin
* Our girls, for the joy they bring
* Our home, which keeps us warm
* Our car, 'cause she's trusty
* My job, it puts dinner on the table
* My mind, it keeps me entertained ;)
* The Internet, it keeps me connected
* Seasons, for keeping life interesting
* Autumn, for the coziness it brings
* Change, for the learning
* Hardship, to better appreciate the good
* Friends, with whom to enjoy life
* My cats! No explanation necessary
* Our good country, for opportunity and safety
* Our wonderful president, for his ability and strength
* Comedy, for cheering me on sad days
* Hope, for teaching me to have it

Really, there is much more. So many little things throughout the day that make me smile for feel comforted. Since I was a small girl I have always counted my blessings. And not out of guilt or requirement or fear, but really just because I have always been blessed with the understanding that I need to be grateful for what I have. Perhaps it came out of poverty, or loss, but whatever the reason, one more thing that I am grateful for is a time where everyone gives thanks. It doesn't matter to whom, some it's to their god, for others like me it's to my family, but either way, it is a really warm feeling to know that at least for one day, people across our great country are thankful all at once.

Lastly, please enjoy this warming message from the LDS church. Thank you!

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