Wednesday, December 2, 2009

In the Christmas Spirit

I am feeling rather festive today, as I've been preparing Christmas gifts for my family and planning what to give friends and coworkers. I am so excited! I of course love getting a gift or two, but I am having the most joyous time planning gifts for others. Not to mention that we're doing a Secret Santa at work and I know just the thing to get my person (I actually got my boss! Yay!) So tomorrow, my last day off for a while, I will be gathering baking supplies and tins to give as gifts to friends and neighbors, bottles of wine and beer (to my other boss, she likes beer!) for others, and then knocking a few more things off my family's list. To the in-laws we're giving one of those neat electronic picture frames so I also have to get snappin' so they have some cute ones of the girls on there. Not to mention that me and the girls will be making gingerbread men, too. I am just so excited. And secretly, I am really looking forward to my (potential) gift from my husband - my first sewing machine - better than the one I was even hoping for! YAY!!!

I am just so much in a festive and giving mood right now. So here's a little gift for you, dear readers. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Nothing like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir beliting out Christmas carols and hymns. Nothin' better in the way of Christmas music, way I see it...

Two of my favorites:

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