Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009), RIP

Michael Jackson (1958 - 2009), The King of Pop, was pronounced dead today, June the 25th, year 2009.

I don't quite know if I have the words to adequately express my feelings right now. I heard just moments after the pronouncement as I was sitting on my porch with my husband. I couldn't believe what I was hearing and went to look at news sites to see if indeed he had passed away. I was shocked to see that he had. I guess I would sum it up by saying simply that I am heartbroken. I feel profound sadness and love for his three fatherless children, I pray and hope that they are put into loving and protective hands and that they are comforted. For the rest of his family, the ones who truly loved him and don't just want to capitalize off of him even now, for his friends, of which I am sure he had many, and for his fans the world over such as myself.

I have been a Michael Jackson fan for what feels like my entire life. The year I was born was not but a few months after Thriller came out so from the earliest I can remember I knew and loved his songs. I remember wanting to marry him and being so in love with him. But weren't we all? Even news reporters themselves couldn't help but feel overcome and jubilant around him. I think Michael Jackson was magical, profoundly sad and hurt, immensely talented, and endlessly caring. I don't give a moment of credence to any of the horrible allegations he's been plagued with over the last decade of his life. He was a good man and by all accounts a fabulous father.

I am still shocked. I watched today as his body was transported from hospital to the Coroner's office - it was both surreal and numbing. Too bizarre, too sad to be real, to real to not be. I don't want to believe it, I feel like he was robbed of life for the last 50 years and had hoped that he could spend the rest of his days in as much peace as possible. I wanted to maybe, hoping against all hope, go to one of his only 50 last concerts (all of which were immediately sold out, however - big surprise!), and basically I just feel so sad for him. But at the same time I am also very grateful - for his influence of course in music and entertainment (he was the very best), and to his countless years and contributions to charities all over the world. He was and is truly one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable, always alive in our hearts and minds.

I will always love you, Michael Joseph Jackson. You are one of the few who will be immortalized, as you should be.You made an indelible mark on my heart and will always hold a place in it, as I know is true for your millions and millions of fans worldwide. May you finally know peace. God bless you, Michael.

My all-time favorite Michael Jackson song, Dirty Diana. We love you, Michael.

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