Sunday, June 28, 2009

"I'm the Best!"

I just want to say that The Cider House Rules ... RULES!! Dang! I had almost forgotten how wonderful a movie it is - it had been 10 years since I first saw it (was it in the theatre? I don't recall) so it was enjoyable to revisit and feel the emotions as strongly as I had the first time. I remember that when I saw it those years back, it had inspired me to work in an orphanage (are there even orphanages left in the U.S.? - Just checked: after the mid 20th century, orphanages gave way to foster homes and small institutions like group homes. Hmm...). I still felt that way last night when I watched it again. I of course love Michael Caine and Tobey Maguire both of whom make nearly any movie they're in enjoyable to watch if for nothing else than their individual performances.

Anyway, it was moving, poignant, and inspirational. I would recommend it to anyone who prefers personal interaction and dialogue over action and intense drama. Just my style! My two thumbs up (even though I'm 10 years too late to rate it). :)

** The title of the post is from the film. The children were so desperate and lonely that they took to approaching any adult who came to the orphanage and proclaiming how they were the best to pick. So sad...

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