Tuesday, August 18, 2009

français deux - UPDATED

Today I start my Beginning French, part 2 evening class. I am SO excited! It's been a year since I completed part 1, but I think I will do fine. The cool thing is that I am basically taking the class for pleasure - I haven't really done that before. I mean, I am seriously kicking around the idea of studying French at university and ultimately becoming a French professor at a local JC or university, so the class is advancing me in that direction. But basically this is two birds with one stone: fun and functionality. Hey - how P.C.! I'm jazzed, though. The nice part is that it will be my one and only class so it will be my whole academic focus. I have one job that I will start next week, and have an interview for another today. But with the one today I am just going to be straight up with her (there's really no reason not to - I'd only be hurting myself) about the fact that I have another job (which means that it is my first priority in terms of scheduling) and a night class two days a week. If she is willing and able to work around that then I'm in business. I would love to be able to have two days a week off - preferably Tuesdays and Thursdays - the days I have my class so that I can study and go into the language lab without having to rush. Maybe that will work out - I'll have to talk that over with my boss from my first job.

Anyway, I am happy. I have something to look forward to for the rest of the year (French) that really doesn't cost all that much money (I will be using my elementary French book from the first class as this one is just an extension of that one - sweet!). I would love to take the bellydancing lessons, but I am more interested in saving my money for the potential move to SLC come next spring. We'll have to see how things go this year with the new custody arrangement, less money, me working two jobs, etc.. I figure we'll be able to decide with more clarity whether or not to move by the new year.

Oh yeah, and one more piece of good news? Come Saturday, autumn will be officially one month away. So one more lovely month to enjoy the warmth and prepare for fall. I don't mind the wait - it makes it really good!

Gotta go prod the daughter off to school now. More soon.


Well, went to the class thinking the above to be true about it not costing any extra, but alas even though I have the main textbook, there was three additional texts that we needed to buy and because the class is only four units, I didn't qualify for financial aid (the min. being 6 units) so it would have been an additional $168 out-of-pocket expense just to take the class. I unfortunately can't afford that so it'll have to wait. I'm not too bummed, surprisingly. I can just focus on work and subsequently save for my big move. For that I am so very, very excited! Next year, less than a year, actually - the countdown is ON!

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